Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer time

So I'm packing my too-small-to-fit-everything-but-damn-this-is-one-heavy suitcase, and I thought I needed a break from all that folding and rolling, so I decided to pop in a bit for a post. Yes, summer is here and that only means one thing. Travelling. My other love besides eating, daydreaming, designing, sleeping...

So on the subject of travelling, here are some typographic logotypes for the destinations I will be jetting off to in 24 hours. Have a great summer.

Fine dining and extremely fine shopping.. in New York, New York!

All ready to hit Miami, the Carribean & Florida with my sunblock & sunnies

Cambridge is close to London yeah? I was never good at Geography

And Part 2 of last post's story will be coming up after the break :)

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The Pieces said...

Have a great trip Noella! xo

Mel said...

Hi Noella! I had been meaning to reply back to your post awhile back. THANK YOU for the blog love and support. Same goes for you. Wishing you SAFE and HAPPY TRAVELS!!