Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Package Exchange

I'm home. My suitcase is unpacked. Sunshine rays are finding their way back into my small corridor-cum-studio, and the avalanche of series is stuffed in the harddrive waiting for nighttime for me to settle comfortably under my duvet and watch them. Travel time from Bangkok, Thailand to Dubai: 7 hours. Okay... so this isn't exactly today, this was my situation back in August, almost 3 months ago, coming back from my summer holiday with the family from Bangkok, Hua Hin and HongKong; the perfect getaway retreat... but oh how I miss it. It was three weeks of shopping, eating, relaxing, adventure and fun, fun, fun! But that's for another post.

Now I want to rewind back to those last hectic weeks before travelling, way back in June. (sorry for the time travelling here, you will have to get used to it in my blog :P) It was a constant battle between freelance work, family gatherings, last minute shopping, and The Package Exchange. I had read about it on Cupcake Couture's blog and immediately sent her an email to be a part of this exciting swap. I got paired up with the sweetest, funniest, and oh so lovely Australian, Sharni Valle of The Pieces . Now being a designer I like to brainstorm and be conceptual, so after plenty of emails back and forth I learnt that Sharni was in fact an adventurous girl, with a love of floral patterns, music (especially mixed-tapes), and the great outdoors. So I began doodling and scribbling in my little notebook trying to think of the perfect thing to package, and at the end, I came up with
{Sharni's Camp Kit ::  8 vital things a girl needs to have to survive in the outdoors }

{Mix-tape Book} for when a song, lyric, or thought pops into your head
{Sewing tools} for when a needle and thread might come in handy
{Pocket Mirror} for when no-one tells you that you have a piece of spinach stuck in your teeth
{Safety Matches} for when rubbing wood together doesn't do the trick
{Plaster} for when everything seems to be going wrong, & a plaster heels it all
{Mini Jelly Hamburger} for when all you need is a burger
{Wooden Cutlery set} for when using your hands just doesn't do it anymore
{Earrings} for when the tough gets tougher and a little bit of jewellery keeps you going

{Mix-tape Book} I handmade this tiny notebook using the cover of an actual tape

In the making of: Cover - painted and adorned with floral designs, the Inside Cover, and the Back Cover

All stitched up and ready to be sent

{Sewing kit} Buttons, needles, threads and various knick knacks

{Earrings} Fashioned this cute origami shirt packaging and tucked the earrings inside (going with the clothing theme here)

{Pocket Mirror} Leaf patterned mirror pocket with my scribbly hand-written note