Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Hollywood in Pearls

So I started this post 2 months ago and then I seriously don't know what happened, and how we are now two months later. But I'm back and you can all rest assured I'm here to stay, sorry for giving you a fright there :P And on to my much delayed post:

Pearls, crystals and more bling. Last month, was pretty much packed with events, galleries and art weeks. I have just downloaded the images from my pathetic camera so I can finally blog about what I have been up to in March (other than munching on delicious finger foods to tea parties may I add, they suddenly sprung up out of nowhere and I've been stuffing myself with macarons, salmon rolls and biscuits).

Leila Marashi, owner of fashion label Sugar Vintage, recently collaborated with S*uce boutique to unveil her first artwork collection "The turathi-pop collection". Inspired by Hollywood sirens and famous faces, Leila added a whole new bling makeover plus an Arabian touch to these icons, leaving me starry-eyed with all those crystal encrusted artworks.

 Pearl encrusted Chanel perfume

 Arabic jewellery adorning the ever classic Audrey Hepburn

In detail

Beyonce in a traditional Burqa worn by old women and henna

Dihn Ood; small Arabic perfume bottles

the queen dressed in pearls

another perfume bottle dressed to impress

Miss Mona Lisa

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