Monday, February 13, 2012

365 - BilArabi

I just came across this lovely set of calendars - it's very hard to find good arabic typography design, but I can definitely say this set of posters will keep me satisfied for about hmm 10 more months.
Representing the main character for each month in a contemporary arabic design, Mohamed Labib illustrated them with an added humour of original egyptian slang that reflects their monthly insights (excuse my literal egyptian arabic - english translation, it sounds a bit off).

                                             {2011} love the color combination at work here  |  {February} stay modest

{March} give your mother a call  |  {April} stop lying

{June} give yourself a break  |  {July} don't forget your swimming gear

{Augustl} seriously, same as every year?  |  {September} don't go over the bridge

Poster designs by: Mohamed Labib