Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Once Upon A December

Can you believe we are already on the last days of December. This year certainly had its bittersweet moments, but December has proven to be the sweetest. There's something special with this month; the smell of barbeque in the air, spontaneous trips to the desert with family, outdoors gatherings, hot mugs of chai in the afternoon; it's definitely one of my favourite times of the year. My mind usually starts to wander and flutter as soon as the temperature drops below 30C, with plans of outdoor parties, afternoon teas and bike rides around the park. But then soon enough, we're aleady heading into June and barracading ourselves indoors away from the killer heat and humidity, and what is left of all my parties are just a figment of my imagination. So to add on to the list is this awesome outdoor movie night for a 13 year old birthday party, . I just love all the details and the colour scheme, and look it has a vintage vibe too (it's like it's calling me to do it). Let's hope this time around one of my December wishlists becomes a reality.

 Yes, that is a 13 layer chocolate pancake cake.. and doesn't those movie reels just go perfectly with the theme

I am in love with those huge balloons, can I have one please?

film reel inspired party invitation

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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Arabic Kitsch

There's a wall in my studio just begging for this artwork to hang in it's place. There's just something so fascinating with painted Arabic graphics, and certainly does bring back memories for 90's babies.

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