Monday, May 13, 2013

{noella designs} klayya bakery

A little more than a year ago, I had freelanced to work on a menu design for a fresh and new Emirati bakery in Dubai, Klayya bakery. The first thing that intrigued me was the name, the story of it goes back to the owner's grandmother who used to travel across the creek on the Abra from Bur Dubai to Deira, with an Anna in her hand (25 Fils) to simply get to the specially bakery who made these sweet and light biscuit treats known as Klayya. And that's how Klayya bakery was born. Funny enough, here in Dubai there hardly are any local traditional cafes or restaurants that serve Emirati food, so once I knew about it I immediately took it on.

What's on the menu; a handful of balaleet, a springle of nakhai with a cup of lgaimat dumplings to sweeten things up

The whole design of the place was modern mixed with a bit of traditional, lots of bright colours fused with traditional wooden tables, and metal! Served in steel palette looking pans, the presentation of the food was just delicious! The menu was simple, mainly breads and breakfast meals, and then a selection of hot and cold drinks. Continuing this industrial metal theme with little pops of color, I designed the table menu to be just that; simple and informative to people who wouldn't know what traditional Emirati cuisines were.

one karak klayya please
With breakfast dishes such as 'Ryoog Yerana' and 'Ryoog Bur Dubai', my love for breakfast went to a whole new level. Add in the vimto drinks and the haleeb kastar, and it took me nearly everything to stop me from ordering a whole breakfast buffet.

the biscuits that started it all.. with a side of dates omelette

For the wall menu I wanted to add a bit of fun to it. This included the list of drinks and fresh daily breads that was served in Klayya. The board was the same industrial metal material as the table menu diecut in the same pattern, with each drink illustrated based on its ingredients, and designed to be cut of acrylic and placed on this metallic sheet. I haven't gotten round to taking photo's of the actual wall menu (I have been meaning to do that soon), but here's a snapshot of part of the design

a part of the wall menu design

So if you haven't checked out Klayya bakery yet, what are you waiting for! PS order the Ryoog Yerana (dates omelette) you won't regret it.

Images via: Klayya Bakery, lethblog, almzn