Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Under the stars

Wait. Did I actually stop procrastinating and finally do something I've been planning and wishing and listing to do for like ever. Yay me! I'm definitely liking the new year me. On the 14th of January, outdoor movie night was officially scheduled in. And for once the weather tolerated with us, we had a cool 20°C weather and polka-dotted starry night. I can totally see this making its way into my calendar every other week. But the hardest part was choosing the movie, seriously, we even ended up watching something else other than our first choice (we were going for a french movie night but then turned into a romcom).

the set-up: I went for a cosy-buried-under-layers-of-cushions-and-blankets look... it was a bit of a challenge trying to squeeze all the mattresses and beanbags without tripping into the pool. And my baby brother warming up the beanbags
strawberry cheesecake cupcakes for desserts; personalized french themed coffee cups with hot chai karak (oh well at least the cups were still french); the movie projected on the wall

a little bit of candles and junk to set the mood