Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We're all mad!

March couldn't have started with a more perfect way. This weekend I was in bliss.. or more like a Mad Hatter's tea party bliss...

"Don't be late for a very important date on the 12th of March. By order of the Royal Queen of Hearts, you are hereby summoned to attend our Jumeira Wonderland, and celebrate our day of madness with tea and goodies. Wear your fanciest hats and dress to impress the Queens. Respond to the queen by 10th of March or it's Off with your heads!"

With this super cute invite, I couldn't wait for Saturday to come. And it was worth my over-excited anticipation, the whole place was swarming with Alice and tea goodness and it was madly magical! It was incredible.. and having friends that are up for anything crazy that gets thrown at them makes it all the better.

A wonderful floral wonderland

Something magical is going on here

quirky Alice in Wonderland themed cupcakes

would you like a teacup with that?

pastries, cheesecakes and scones (yummy)

my very own feather to mark my spot

what's a mad hatter tea party without a few hats  {1st place winner}

my cousin's crazy top hat {won 2nd place}

Doesn't it look lovely, all the colors and details and the whole fun of it all. Makes me want to throw a tea party now... Well one of these days (I hope).