Saturday, June 26, 2010

Love me if you {dare}

A scene from the magical movie 'Love me if you dare'

Have you ever watched a movie that is truly brilliant and you feel genius for discovering it. Well last weekend, I went over to my cousins house to watch a movie, and little did I know that that night my dreams were going to be filled with the magical romance I witnessed between Sophie (Marion Cottilard) and Julian (Guillame Canet) in the wonderful romantic French movie 'Love me if you dare'. What a fantastic story and movie by Yann Samuel, that enchants, frustrates and ultimately dares you to love it. It has that little bit of French quirkiness that I adore in a contemporary fairy-tale style using such captivating visuals (if you've seen Amelie you'll know what I'm talking about)

I for one don't watch movie trailers, and hate it even more when people spoil parts of it on me. I love to go to a movie blindfolded and watch with no expectations at all, so as to not build up a film too much and then get disappointed afterwards. So all I will say is get your hands on this movie and watch it, meanwhile I will lose myself in the rich colors, romance and mood of these photos inspired by the movie, and fantasize I am the lead star in a French fairy-tale story. Oh Sophie and Julien.. you made my heart beat!

Vibrant hued shots from a recent photoshoot collaboration with Luis Vuitton and Emirati photographer Lamya Gargash

Aqua-toned shots from Forever 21 lookbook

Friday, June 11, 2010

Into the wild

A couple of days ago it was my younger sister's birthday, and as tradition, I conjured up a mini treasure hunt with clues hidden in various places around the house for her to find her presents. Each paper had a riddle for her to locate where the next clue was hidden, until it lead her to her treasure prize. I have no idea when and how it started, but every year I love to think up of crazy places to hide, more complex riddles, or even creating a crazy twist to the game. And the look and huge thrill in her face as she runs from one end of the garden/house to the other, reading out loud the clues to the family, with everyone joining in to help her find it. Or perhaps it's my lust for all things wild... I sometimes dream the possibility of being lost in the great outdoors, making my own treehouse from wooden scraps and findings, and spending my days swinging carelessly on my rope swing.