Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pop Art gone Arabic

While I was shopping and lusting away in the vintage Bambah Boutique, I came upon two enormous pop art canvas paintings. Corinne Martins, the artist behind those paintings, goes back to her Middle Eastern roots and explores the themes of Arabic popular culture. Can I just say, my wishlist got a teeny tiny bit longer.

Coca-Cola :: Tide

Pringles  ::  Crash
Notice the old 'Pepsi-Cola' crate holding the Miranda bottles <3

 Pepsi; there's something about arabic type that makes my heart tingle

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Vintage haven {Bambah Boutique}

You probably figured out I love vintage.. I really do.. I am one of those people who's heart gets all jittery and fluttery at the sight of a typewriter or an old neon sign. Dubai is full of boutiques but none of those vintage, that is until the charming Maha Rasheed opened up 'Bambah Boutique' a one of a kind vintage store. Bursting with character and old style decor, it was love at first sight. Sequins, bows, dresses, florals, metallic, there's everything you've ever dreamed of, including a clock with arabic numbers that works anti-clockwise!

{Bambah Boutique} bambah:: an Arabic word for pink 
Charming decor with homemade scones and tea
My new found love, the Arabic clock {5:47}
My favorite corner, really loving the mint colored walls

The gorgeous 50's wall

 I'm a proud owner of a tunic black dress from the LBD rail

 "Old Fashion is the new fashion" and I totally agree.
A snapshot from their lovely website
{The metal wire on the left spells out Bambah in Arabic, بمبة , such a sweet detail}

Photo credits: FiveFive Fabulous
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