Thursday, February 03, 2011

Vintage haven {Bambah Boutique}

You probably figured out I love vintage.. I really do.. I am one of those people who's heart gets all jittery and fluttery at the sight of a typewriter or an old neon sign. Dubai is full of boutiques but none of those vintage, that is until the charming Maha Rasheed opened up 'Bambah Boutique' a one of a kind vintage store. Bursting with character and old style decor, it was love at first sight. Sequins, bows, dresses, florals, metallic, there's everything you've ever dreamed of, including a clock with arabic numbers that works anti-clockwise!

{Bambah Boutique} bambah:: an Arabic word for pink 
Charming decor with homemade scones and tea
My new found love, the Arabic clock {5:47}
My favorite corner, really loving the mint colored walls

The gorgeous 50's wall

 I'm a proud owner of a tunic black dress from the LBD rail

 "Old Fashion is the new fashion" and I totally agree.
A snapshot from their lovely website
{The metal wire on the left spells out Bambah in Arabic, بمبة , such a sweet detail}

Photo credits: FiveFive Fabulous
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