Monday, April 05, 2010

My Best Friends Wedding

I think it's finally safe to say that spring has arrived (we had a freak 42C last week) the weather seems to be tolerating for once, with cool breezes, chirping birds and everlasting sunshine (though that has never been an issue!).
This post is kind-of late, I was really planning on posting earlier but things have been busy here trying to find a dress for my other cousin's wedding which is next week, I've also resorted to searching online but no luck - does anyone know of any good sites with long evening dresses??

Anyways, so the wedding.. it was a dream, and time just flew by so fast, the whole week was a celebration!

:: Sunday - We threw her a Bachelorette party that was crazy fun.. we started with karaoke, then went on to play such entertaining bachelorette-style games (sorry, can't go into details here :P). We also got her a red lips pinata that took forever to break open, probably because she was blindfolded and we kept on giving her wrong instructions, a themed decorated cake, and lots of gifts. My sister and I put the gifts inside boxes which we decorated with lace, pearls and heart-shaped doilies. Each box was a theme (ie. flirty, wife-y) which we typed out using the label maker.  Here's a sneak peak below of the gift boxes we decorated.

:: Monday - Henna Night, this is a tradition in Dubai where 3 days before the wedding, we gather at the brides house and put henna on our hands. It takes around 15 minutes to dry up, and the longer you leave it on your hand the darker it becomes, and then you peel it off. Of course with my luck, a woman bumped into me and smeared the top part of the henna before it dried! The henna artists were very creative and detailed, I don't think I could ever have the patience or steadiness for that matter! I went with a full paisley/floral design on both my hands and up to my arm, my sister only wanted it on her fingers. Just looking at these photos I want to put henna again, and the smell... aah!

:: Tuesday & Wednesday - Favors, we spend 2 days at her house helping wrapping the favors to be placed on the tables during the wedding party for the guests to take home, we had to make around 800! The gifts were small jars, wrapped with ribbons, a small tag that had a flowery illustration on it, and mini cookies or waffles. They put me in charge of tying the ribbons into bows and I swear they couldn't have chosen a worse bow-tyer than me. I quickly gave up and decided to put the cookies in the jar, ooh they were so yummy!

:: Thursday - the Wedding day!! One minute I was in the salon doing my hair and makeup, and the next the bride and groom were cutting the cake... it went by so fast but everything was just gorgeous. Her theme was pastel colors and flowers so the stage was decked with lovely floral bouquets hanging from white branches, unfortunately didn't take any pictures of the wedding. Though here is a photo of the wedding card which was designed by my talented cousin also a graphic designer KS, I  love the colors and the details are really beautiful and feminine. She created the invitation in both Arabic (pink envelope) and English (green envelope). The type is just perfect! You can also see the favor jar, it used to be filled with cookies but that was eaten a long time ago, so I've filled it with my pearls collection.

I hope this long post makes up for my lack of consistent posting!

Have a lovely cool sunshine-filled day.

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haha,I know Henna^^.
By the way,thanks for commenting me! It's really encouraging and welcome to HK!