Friday, November 13, 2009


So finally after procrastinating for nearly 9 months, I have gotten my act together and decided to be a part of the blogging world!! For my first ever post *eeks*, here's a few things that makes me {me).

I am a 22-year old designer from Dubai, UAE. I have a thing (well, more like an obsession) for the number 13. I work as a graphic designer, and I like to freelance in my spare time (wherever that is :P). I love *design*, and I love to create - I'm currently working on designing my own studio (which translates as a small table in the middle of a corridor) and refurbishing furniture. I'm always hoping and dreaming of having my own business (I think opening my own restaurant, cupcake shop, shoe boutique and clothes bazaar are all scribbled on some list somewhere - though I'm sure I would be terrible at the business side of it, the only thing I ever think about is how the interior of the place would look like!).

I am best friends with my older sister (she's 11 month bigger and I loved to tease people and make them believe we were twins). I love to travel and have been fortunate in seeing many places, though on my top of my list now is Greece and Japan. And sadly, I have no lucky bone in me at all.

// travelling
// designing
// type
// printmaking
// arabic type design
// vintage everything
// making lists {lots and lots of them - I have a memory of a goldfish}
// salmon colour
// design blogs
// shopping for cute tops in cute markets (Portabello - my love!)
// shoes
// dressing up
// having a great time with family & friends
// blue skies & fluffy clouds
// always wanted to learn the guitar, piano and ballet
// water
// vintage tags; sketchbooks; cute cupcake stuff - I am so into chalkboard and alice in wonderland now
// surprises (especially in the mail box)
// having friends from all over the world (i am very friendly, so don't be shy :P)
// cute packaging
// bits & pieces - vintage buttons, lace, colorful cotton fabrics
// cute tea products - though I'm not really a tea drinking person, I love all the other tea-related stuff out there: tea parties, tea towels, tea illustrations, tea cards, tea tags, tea-cups...
// my family :)

Phew! That was alot about me. Anways will be posting more interesting design-related stuff; to inspire and get inspired by all the great designs out there; write about my weekly obsessions; daily happenings; arabic design and so much more!

:: have a great day ::

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Anonymous said...

Hello! I just clicked on your avatar to see if you had a blog and here it is! All fresh and new! I'm very excited to see what you come up with, so i will be checking back regularly ;-)
I'd like to see some of your stuff, do you have a website anywhere out there on the net?
Best of luck for the blog!
Olly Xx